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Statutory Audit Services in Dubai, UAE

KA Auditing offers Statutory Audit Services in Dubai, UAE making sure that your records are free from any material misstatements and comply with statutory needs. We go beyond just ticking boxes to completely examine your financial statements, transactions, and internal controls. With our expert statutory audit services, you can rest easy knowing that your financial records are correct, unbiased, and falls within all statutory audit needs.

Best Statutory Audit Services In Dubai provided by KA Auditing

Statutory Compliance in Dubai, UAE

Let’s face it, keeping up with statutory compliance in Dubai can be a big task. That’s why we’re here to help. From corporate governance to regulatory compliance, KA Auditing got you covered. Our statutory compliance services can be personalized to your specific business needs and specialize in making assent easy for you.

Following are the primary compliance needs for the entities in UAE.:

  • Tax respect: Businesses must register and comply with UAE’s VAT & Corporate tax laws.
  • Labor laws respect: Employers must provide safe working conditions, follow minimum wage laws, and ensure proper employee contracts.
  • Corporate governance respect: Companies must adhere to a set of corporate governance rules, including naming a board of directors, holding annual shareholder meetings, and keeping correct financial records.
  • Anti-money laundering compliance: Businesses must apply robust AML policies and procedures to prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Intellectual property rights compliance: Companies must respect the country’s intellectual property laws, protecting trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

Benefits of Statutory Audit

Statutory audit goals aren’t just about ticking boxes and obeying laws. They can provide a wealth of benefits to your business, including a true and fair view of books of accounts and financial statements, increased accountability, and improved credibility with allies. At Khalid Alhassawi Auditing, we ensure that your business fully complies with all statutory audit needs while picking out opportunities for growth and improvement.

Why Khalid Alhassawi Auditing is the best for Statutory Auditors.

At Khalid Alhassawi Auditing, we’re not just another auditing firm – we’re your trusted business partner. We have expert qualified auditors with the required certifications and technical skills to run a statutory audit. Our auditing firm in Dubai is proud to carry several certifications, including the DMCC and DAFZA Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Certificates. We also have vast experience providing expert witness services in courts across Dubai and the UAE. At our firm, we view our clients as more than just business relationships – we consider them part of our family. When you work with us, you can expect personalized attention and a commitment to your success.

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