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External Audit Services in Dubai

KA Auditing is offering External Audit Services In Dubai. Our External Auditors provide a skilled, reliable, and full audit in Dubai & UAE. We ensure a strong commitment to both quality & quantity and have a strict code of conduct and ethics so that you can trust their audit reports to be fair and independent. Our auditors are skilled, subject matter experts and are fully capable of successfully running the audit.

External Audit Requirements

KA Auditing is a popular and approved auditing firm in the UAE. There Auditors Provide reliable External Audit Services In Dubai. They follow International Standards of Auditing while giving our professional external audit services. As one of the leading external audit firms in UAE, we are listed with all free zones, mainland, and all leading banks in UAE.

External Audit Services In Dubai provide by KA Auditing's External Auditors

External Audit Process

  • Preparing a structure: The external audit process begins with planning, which includes understanding the client’s business and risks, creating audit goals, and developing an audit plan.
  • Recognizing hazards and evaluating associated risks: It includes picking out areas that are prone to fraud or error and creating solutions for reducing risks.
  • Audit Testing: Once the risks have been spotted, the auditor performs audit testing to validate the financial statement balance. These tests are conducted on a sample of comparable transactions from an existing group.
  • Test of Controls: In this step, the auditor checks whether the financial statements and internal controls fall within laws or not.
  • Understanding the results: The final step in the external audit process is to prepare a report that contains the auditor’s opinion on the financial statements and internal controls of the client.

Scope Of External Audit Work in Dubai, UAE

Many elements need to be checked to know the position of the financial statements of a business. The external auditor or registered auditors in UAE help businesses check their financial statements properly and pick out any misrepresentations or misstatements. External Audit firms can provide that clear picture and help companies comply with local and international laws including IFRS.

KA Auditing comprises a team of qualified Chartered certified accountants who can conduct an external audit to ensure statements are made adequately and as per the accounting standards. Following a successful external audit service in Dubai, companies can identify the gapping areas, work on them and make informed decisions for company growth.

Benefits Of External Audit Services

  • External audit services can provide a clear and concise report on a company’s financial performance.
  • Prevent financial losses and reputational risk.
  • Gain insights into industry trends and the best practices that can help companies to improve their financial and operational performance.
  • External auditors provide a true and fair view of a company’s financial information, which can help to increase stakeholders’ confidence in the company’s financial reporting.
  • Help identify areas where a company can improve its financial and operational processes.

The Role of External Auditors In Dubai

External auditors perform a range of essential functions to carry out a comprehensive audit. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing financial statements and verifying their accuracy
  • Evaluating internal controls and risk management systems
  • Assessing compliance with accounting principles and regulatory requirements
  • Identifying areas of potential financial risks and proposing recommendations for improvement
  • Providing an unbiased and independent opinion on the financial health of the audited entity

External Audit Procedures Followed By Khalid Alhassawi Auditing (KA Auditing)

Khalid Alhassawi Auditing (KA Auditing) is one of the leading auditing firms in Dubai, UAE, that follows a comprehensive set of external audit procedures to ensure accurate and reliable external auditing. The external audit procedure followed by KA Auditing is:

  • Studying Client audit environment.
  • Gathering information on clients’ business cycles and processes
  • Interviewing and questioning key members of the company
  • Assessing risks and then deciding which course of action applies best to the scenario.
  • Application of Auditing Plan.
  • Execution of the audit plan and finding the loopholes if any in the financial books.
  • Audit Follow Up

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